Nada Arafat
Nada Arafat is a journalist, political analyst and program coordinator. She currently copyedits for the Delta-based news outlet, The Delta Chronicles, and is deputy program coordinator for Civic Pole, an NGO that provides training for young journalists.  read more
How Egypt’s water feeds the Gulf
Nada Arafat and Saker El Nour | 10 percent of Egypt's Nile water is allocated for Gulf food security
The Ababda tribe: Scattered by climate change and development initiatives  
Nada Arafat | Parts of the Eastern Desert are being urbanized without the people who have lived there historically
Looking for the root causes of the potato crisis
Hadeer El-Mahdawy and Nada Arafat | While state figures consider the crisis to be resolved, others see the problem as ongoing
Thousands of fish go belly-up in the Nile Delta, and with them an industry
Nada Arafat | Stepping off a small boat as it docks along the Nile, Ahmed Khaled, a 22-year-old fisherman, looks dissatisfied.
Water shortages bring suffering to Egypt’s countryside
Mohamed Ezz and Nada Arafat | Egypt, once celebrated as the gift of the Nile, is in the grips of a serious water crisis. With a rising
Stolen waters, stolen livelihoods
Nada Arafat | Sheikh Hamada sits by the lake to eat his lunch and recounts times gone by. “In the old days, the water