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Nada Arafat
Nada Arafat is a journalist, political analyst and program coordinator. She currently copyedits for the Delta-based news outlet, The Delta Chronicles, and is deputy program coordinator for Civic Pole, an NGO that provides training for young journalists.  read more
Thousands of fish go belly-up in the Nile Delta, and with them an industry
Nada Arafat | Stepping off a small boat as it docks along the Nile, Ahmed Khaled, a 22-year-old fisherman, looks dissatisfied.
Water shortages bring suffering to Egypt’s countryside
Mohamed Ezz and Nada Arafat | Egypt, once celebrated as the gift of the Nile, is in the grips of a serious water crisis. With a rising
Stolen waters, stolen livelihoods
Nada Arafat | Sheikh Hamada sits by the lake to eat his lunch and recounts times gone by. “In the old days, the water