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Maha T. Khalil
Dr. Maha T. Khalil received her BSc in Biology from the American University in Cairo in 2010 and her PhD in Marine Science from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2015.
Maha T. Khalil
What should we be asking about Egypt’s food security megaprojects?
And why are the longer term impacts of these projects on the environment not being discussed?
Maha T. Khalil
Sharks: Misunderstood treasures of our seas
On Red Sea sharks and how to behave around them
Maha T. Khalil
The jellyfish sea
A myth buster on the recent jellyfish bloom by a marine biologist
Born to be unplugged: On exposure to nature and the mental health of children
Maha T. Khalil | Is there a connection between children's behavior and their exposure to natural environments?