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Maha ElNabawi
After graduating from the American University in Washington, DC with a Bachelors degree in Business, Maha began her publishing career in NYC with indie pop culture magazines, the likes of Tokion, Inked, and Surface. Upon returning to Egypt, and driven read more
Maha ElNabawi
Navigating the surreal through sound
2017 in music releases from Cairo and beyond
Maha ElNabawi
Beyoncé, Coldplay, and why we can’t let exotica become banal
Growing up in America in the 1980s through the noughties made most of my generation pretty hard to offend.
Long live degenerate art
Maha ElNabawi | How 4 artists made sense, in music, out of some words Mada sent them
6 summer reading recommendations from Mada
Heba El-Sherif, Lara El Gibaly, Laura Bird, Maha ElNabawi and Rowan El Shimi | Five of us have chosen six diverse novels, most of which are available in Egypt’s bookstores.
Music comes to the rescue of thought: On Jumana Manna’s Palestine music documentary
Maha ElNabawi | This sound journey points to the richness of Palestinian history away from Israeli narratives
Maii Waleed, Ahmed Saleh and Marawan Waheed on the funk and life of Mohamed Helal
Maha ElNabawi | Behind the scenes at Found in Translation, our new collaboration with Cairo Jazz Club
Music industry conversations: Hicham Chadly
Maha ElNabawi | There has never been so much good music out there, but no one knows how to find and apprehend it
Music industry conversations: Sarah El Miniawy
Maha ElNabawi | In a new series, Maha ElNabawi speaks to music professionals about the term “industry”.
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