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Mada Masr
Mohamed Gad
An income spent on daily subsistence
Wage earners are picking up the tab of Egypt’s economic ‘reform’ program
Ezzedine C. Fishere
Why the Egyptian military will relinquish power
The military elite has not modified its behavior, and may soon manoeuvre into a new role
Why does Mada take World Press Freedom day off?
Some thoughts on why we do what we do, on a day we have decided to take off
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Palermo conference: Haftar invited to Tripoli, plan for 2nd Italian conference to discuss 2019 Libyan elections
LNA head Khalifa Haftar leaves Palermo conference with invitation to visit Triploli
Egypt exerts heavy pressure on Hamas leaders to halt attacks, refuses to make demands of Israel
Egypt exerted heavy pressure on Hamas over the last two days to declare a ceasefire with Israel
Minya attack: Did Ashmawy coordinate Al-Qaeda and Islamic State activities in Egypt?
While the Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Friday attack on a bus caravan making its way
What we know about the militant attack that left at least 7 Coptic Christians dead in Minya
| At least 7 people were killed and nearly 20 injured in a militant attack targeting Copts in Minya
Egyptian delegation to oversee Gaza-Israel de-escalation, monitor March of Return protest camps
| An Egyptian delegation is set to head the weekly Great March of Return protests in Gaza on Friday
Found in Translation IV: A high and beautiful wave
| The fourth edition of Found in Translation, a collaboration between Mada and the Cairo Jazz Club
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Province of Sinai video claims former police and military personnel among its ranks, confirms death of Islamic State Sinai leader
Lawyer calls Hesham Gaafar’s 3-year detention illegal, judge recuses himself
Assistant detective sentenced to 3 years, police officer to 6 months in prison for Afroto’s death
Prosecution suspends investigation into sexual assault accusations against Youm7 chief editor
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