Mada Masr
Becoming ‘legal’: On Mada Masr’s decision to apply for a license under the new media law
We made this choice while thinking about what it means to be radical inside out
Mohamed Gad
An income spent on daily subsistence
Wage earners are picking up the tab of Egypt’s economic ‘reform’ program
Ezzedine C. Fishere
Why the Egyptian military will relinquish power
The military elite has not modified its behavior, and may soon manoeuvre into a new role
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Military launches raids, airstrikes in North Sinai following deadly militant attack on checkpoint
The series of escalations by Egypt’s Armed Forces comes days after a brazen attack by militants
Parliament advances constitutional amendments by overwhelming majority, opposition speaks out
485 out of 596 lawmakers in Egypt's Parliament voted in favor of amending the Constitution
‘Union to Defend the Constitution’ brings opposition forces together to reject constitutional amendments
Political figures announce the establishment of a group formed to oppose constitutional amendments
Constitutional amendments drive wedge between 25-30 Alliance, as MP Qaeed defects to support government ‘loyalists’
| Position on constitutional amendments creates rift in opposition parliamentary bloc
Constitutional amendments submitted to Parliament could allow Sisi to stay in power until 2034
| If passed, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi would be able to run for two further six-year terms
Sources: Interference with Uber app tied to company’s refusal to share user data with security bodies
Mohamed Hamama | Negotiations were going well until a few weeks ago.
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9 executed over 2015 assassination of prosecutor general
Airport authorities deny New York Times correspondent David Kirkpatrick entry into Cairo
Lawyer: At least 2 dozen minors among those sentenced in military case last week
6 death sentences carried out in February spark criticism of due process violations from rights groups
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