Mada Masr
Becoming ‘legal’: On Mada Masr’s decision to apply for a license under the new media law
We made this choice while thinking about what it means to be radical inside out
Mohamed Gad
An income spent on daily subsistence
Wage earners are picking up the tab of Egypt’s economic ‘reform’ program
Ezzedine C. Fishere
Why the Egyptian military will relinquish power
The military elite has not modified its behavior, and may soon manoeuvre into a new role
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Sisi seems to reverse position on local council elections, speaker blames “deep state” for delay of bill in Parliament
The delay may point to a power struggle between security and intelligence agencies, sources say.
Your guide to surviving downtown during the revolution anniversary crackdown
"If you can imagine doing so, it is safest to move without your phone."
Detox: Sleep, reflect, deconstruct
Your weekly guide to unwinding over the weekend.
Egyptian official: Ethiopia dam negotiations in Washington ‘a disaster’
| Three days of negotiations in Washington between the foreign and irrigation ministers of Egypt, Ethiopia
Detox | Lazy beginnings
| Our usual recommendations, if you’re spending the weekend at home in an attempt to fend off the cold
‘A minister without a ministry’ — confusion over role of newly appointed information minister
| During Sunday’s meeting, Heikal presented his vision of the Information Ministry’s purview
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Pompeo expresses ‘outrage’ over prisoner death, rights groups call for Red Cross oversight
Merkel at Berlin conference on Libya: Arms embargo to be ‘more closely monitored than in past’
Media council and Journalists Syndicate point fingers at each other for long delay in media law executive regulations
Hundreds of Sudanese security forces rebel against dissolution amid security tension in Khartoum
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