Luiz Sanchez
Luiz Sanchez is a Brazilian/Dutch journalist who has previously worked in Egypt, and tweets as @luizdaveiga
In search of medication in Egypt
Luiz Sanchez | Currency devaluation and government policy continue to impact availability of medication in Egypt.
Devaluing the Egyptian pound, a closer look
Luiz Sanchez | The Central Bank of Egypt froze the exchange rate of the pound on Tuesday at LE8.78 to the dollar, having
Health problems loom on Egypt’s horizon
Luiz Sanchez | Countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region are in a “crucial health phase,” as deteriorating health
Coptic teenagers accused of insulting religion seek asylum in Switzerland
Luiz Sanchez | Four Coptic teenagers awaiting appeal on charges of insulting Islam arrived in Switzerland last Thursday,
The ‘what ifs’ of Egypt’s new VAT law
Luiz Sanchez | VAT will have a major impact on Egyptians, but experts are divided about what that impact will be.
Trump supporters praise presidential hopeful’s encounter with Sisi
Air pollution costs Egypt 3.58% of GDP in welfare losses