Hadil Ghoneim
Hadil Ghomeim is an Egyptian writer currently residing in the United States. Her most recent book is "Sana fi Qena" (Year in Qena), published in January 2014 in Cairo by Dar al-Balsam. read more
A tale of two glass houses: On Egypt’s Craftsmen by Omar Taher and Glass House by Brian Alexander
Hadil Ghoneim | The sad history of a factory in Shubra is in some ways mirrored by the story of a factory in Ohio
The Arabist, part 2
Hadil Ghoneim | Part 1 of this interview, on Naguib Mahfouz’s Midaq Alley and translation, is here.
The Arabist, part 1
Hadil Ghoneim | Despite taking a pro-Palestinian position in the struggle against Israeli Zionism, LeGassick’s outspoken
Reading Mahfouz in Michigan
Hadil Ghoneim | In a seminar on the "Arab Spring" at the University of Michigan, I assumed that the young white woman