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Beesan Kassab
Financial support to the poor: Does it really work?
Beesan Kassab | Question marks around two government funds' ability to alleviate poverty with current austerity measures
Lawyers, MPs say Tiran and Sanafir are Egyptian
Beesan Kassab and Jano Charbel | Opposition to the government's ceding of Tiran and Sanafir to Saudi Arabia includes parliamentarians
Members of Parliament go against Constitution to preserve ‘public decency’
Beesan Kassab | On Monday Parliament voted against amending the Penal Code's provisions regarding indecency, retaining
Timeline: The Journalists Syndicate and the state, an ongoing battle
Beesan Kassab | A timeline of events leading to sentencing of syndicate head Yehia Qallash this month.
Recap: 6 frequently asked questions about Egypt’s IMF loan
Beesan Kassab | What is the interest rate? What are the conditions?
Egypt’s 3rd exodus since 50s includes people of all political persuasions
Beesan Kassab | Egypt's third wave of mass migration after the 50s and 70s includes a wider spectrum of people.
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Household survey highlights rise in poverty, inequality in Egypt