Mada Masr launches its membership program

We are a group of journalists with no place inside existing mainstream media institutions. In a landscape where editorial independence is absent, we needed a professional home. So, in 2013, we created one of our own. Despite a hostile political environment and looming uncertainty, we are still here, and we would like to keep going.

Our ability to continue to bring you quality journalism hinges on you, our loyal readers. Consider it your way of defending your right to a consistent flow of free, accurate information and intelligent, compelling journalism. 

We don’t operate in a context where public funding is used to guarantee a free flow of information. We also don’t operate in a context where anchor investors come without political agendas. Instead, we have been engaging in a rigorous exercise, that includes trial and error, to build our sustainability. 

Today, our membership program, tiered to accommodate the different financial capacities of our readers, is sustained by a number of pioneering members who feel responsible for the continuity of our project. To them, we are thankful. They are proof of our belief that readers have a responsibility to keep good content alive. 

Now we want you to join them. Beyond supporting us, we are inviting you to become a part of our extended family. In this sanctuary of choice, mutual learning unfolds, and communities, old and new, can exist and keep building. 

To those who have continued to support us, thank you. And to all our new friends, we cannot wait to welcome you on board.

The Mada team



You have a right to access accurate information, be stimulated by innovative and nuanced reporting, and be moved by compelling storytelling.

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