Diptychs from Lebanon’s Revolts

What began on October 17, 2019 is considered a first in Lebanese history. People of all walks of life, of different ages, in different parts of the country, took to the street to protest corruption and the broader system of power that nurtures it. They demanded the fall of this system, breaking away from the fractured religious and political representation that makes up the Lebanese government today. Their main slogan has been: All of them means all of them (all of them must go), referring to the politicians who claim to represent the people, mostly on sectarian grounds. Chants for the revolution have included: revolution against capitalism, patriarchy and sectarianism.

Photographers Tamara Abdul Hadi and Roi Saade explored different threads in the sites of protests in Lebanon and worked together on producing personal views from these sites in diptych form. These views attempt to capture the different revolts within the revolution.

Images have been captured from various protests sites in Lebanon since the uprising began.

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Tamara Abdul Hadi 
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