Poem: Tahrir
Gaza city - Courtesy: Samir Elhawary

Talking heads on TV comment and narrate.
They use words like:
Discourse Analysis, and
We Urge,
We Demand,
All Parties.

Superlatives, litotes and empty metaphors
Language turns on language until words taste like ash
and rubble in Douma, and Gaza.

In Beirut, you remind yourself that falling for an Arab means
loving someone always a little bit broken.

I am tired of politicians and political analysts,
Academics, and trolls and INGO workers and governmental hounds and
journalists who want you to do their work for them

I ask myself how many sieges can one humanity hold?
Gaza, Aleppo, Douma, Raqqa, Sanaa, Mosul

Tahrir: it means one day we will set ourselves free.

Jehan Bseiso