Court adds 241 people to Egypt’s terrorist list

Over 200 people accused of being connected to the militant group Province of Sinai were added to Egypt’s terrorist list, the Official Gazette announced on Sunday.

Cairo Criminal Court ordered that the 241 defendants be added to the list for a five-year period on May 22. They are charged with carrying out multiple terrorist operations in Sinai, including the assassination of members of the police and military, and attacking security checkpoints.

The court did not specify which operations these were or when they took place.

Some defendants are also accused of monitoring the actions of public figures, including media personality Ibrahim Eissa and Salafi leader Yasser Borhamy, as well as the residence of the prime minister, the Ministry of Interior headquarters, the Police Academy, Anba Shenouda Church in Hurghada and Boulos the Prophet Church in Cairo.

All defendants added to the list are named, and the majority are Egyptian men. One woman, one Palestinian man and three Sudanese men are also among them.

Law 22/2018, which was ratified by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on April 25, allows for the potential seizure of the assets of those on Egypt’s terrorist list.

In accordance with the 2015 terrorist entities law, individuals included on the list are also prevented from leaving the country if they are in Egypt, and are placed on a watch list if they are overseas, in case they attempt to enter the country. 

On May 1, the same court re-added the Muslim Brotherhood group to the list, as well as 1,529 people, among them football star Mohamed Abu Treika, and several Muslim Brotherhood leaders and their families.


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