Libya’s Haftar returns to Benghazi after hospitalization in Paris

After two weeks of rumors over his health condition, Libya’s eastern military leader, Khalifa Haftar, has returned to his base in Benghazi.

Speaking to Mada Masr on the phone from Benina International Airport, after having flown in from Cairo, the commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA) said he was thankful for his health and pleased to be home.

Earlier this month, there was speculation over Hafar’s health when he was hospitalized in Paris. While some outlets claimed that the head of the LNA had died, suffered a stroke or been declared brain dead, in the telephone conversation with Mada Masr, Haftar rebuffed these reports and sounded in good health.

A senior LNA official traveling with Haftar told Mada Masr that Haftar would soon give a speech at his base in nearby Rajma, where celebrations are expected.

As Haftar arrived in Benghazi, a number of fighter jets could be heard overhead. He is understood to have held talks with several Egyptian officials in Cairo, where he reportedly arrived on Wednesday after departing from Paris.

Maha Ellawati