Armed Forces: 121 militants, 18 military personnel killed and 554 explosive devices destroyed so far in Operation Sinai 2018

Egypt’s Armed Forces announced on Sunday the results of Operation Sinai 2018 so far, in the 15th statement the military has released on the ongoing operation since February.

In a press conference announcing the start of the operation, Military Spokesperson Tamer al-Rifai stated that it aims to “end terrorism” in the north and central parts of the peninsula and to “combat other crimes that affect Egypt’s internal security and stability.”

Rifai presented an overview of the operation in a press conference on March 8, the third since it began a month ago, on February 9.

The following statistics have been taken from both the Armed Forces’ 15th statement and the March 8 press conference.

In total, the operation has resulted in the deaths of 121 armed militants and 18 military personnel, with 25 members of the Armed Forces injured and the arrests of 2,832 terrorist suspects, many of whom were later released.

Some 2,201 warehouses and hideouts used by militants to store arms and explosives have been destroyed during the operation, along with the destruction of 44 vehicles carrying arms and ammunition.

Military engineers have reportedly defused 554 explosive devices and demolished six border tunnels.

An underground warehouse was discovered in Rafah containing 34 missiles, four rocket-propelled grenades and large quantities of explosive materials.

One of the demolished warehouses in Sheikh Zuwayed was used to manufacture explosives, including 70 improvised explosive devices, 60 hand grenades, 200 detonators and a large amounts of tools and chemicals used to manufacture explosives.


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