Lawyer: Geneina will not face charges following Saturday assault

Hesham Geneina will not face charges following his recent assault, lawyer Ali Taha told Mada Masr on Monday. Geneina, who was set to hold a senior position in former presidential candidate Sami Anan’s campaign, was attacked by unknown assailants on Saturday, and the Interior Ministry’s initial police report on the incident leveled several charges against him.

The New Cairo prosecution issued detention orders on Sunday for three people accused of carrying out the assault, after Geneina pressed charges of attempted murder and attempted abduction, according to the privately owned Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper.

Three men attacked the former head of the Central Auditing Agency (CAA) outside his home in the eastern outskirts of Cairo on Saturday morning. Two cars blocked his path, and the assailants got out and assaulted Geneina, injuring his leg and eye. They then attempted to force Geneina into one of their cars, but bystanders intervened and forced the attackers to flee, according to Anan’s spokesperson Hazem Hosni.

The Interior Ministry initially claimed in a statement issued on Saturday that Geneina’s injuries were caused by a brawl between him and three other people following a traffic collision. The ministry added that the former official’s wife and daughter had assaulted the three people.

Hosni told Mada Masr that he believes the shift in the authorities’ treatment of Geneina, from a guilty party to a victim, followed the publishing of statements recounting the attack on social media.

He added that the prosecution dismissed the Interior Ministry’s account of the events after several public figures signed a statement  condemning Geneina’s treatment at the New Cairo police station where he had attempted to report the attack. He was initially held at the station with his wife and daughter and denied medical attention for several hours, before eventually being transferred to the New Cairo Public Hospital in a police vehicle. Hosni said that the police personnel guarding Geneina’s hospital room have since been dismissed.

Medical examinations showed serious damage to Geneina’s left eye and orbital bones, according to Taha, who added that further tests will determine whether the eye can be salvaged with surgical intervention.

Former military chief of staff Sami Anan confirmed his bid for presidency on January 22, hours after President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi announced he would be running for a second term. In his announcement, Anan said that Hosni and Geneina would be his two vice presidents.

The Armed Forces accused Anan of breaching military laws and forging his end of service papers in a televised statement last Tuesday, and he was arrested on the same day. He is currently being detained in military prison, according to his lawyer Nasser Amin.



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