Arrests among protesters of Nubian activist’s death in custody
Archive: Families of the detained activists in front of the Aswan Emergency State Security Misdemeanour Court

On Tuesday night, security forces arrested several Nubian activists protesting in relation to the death of detainee Gamal Sorour in custody last week after falling into a diabetic coma.

“Protestors staged demonstrations in several locations and blocked the Cairo-Aswan high road and the railway, which lead to clashes between them and the police. Several activists — the number of which we have not yet been able to confirm but know is between seven and 13 — were arrested and placed in custody at the Shallal Central Security Force camp with the rest of the Nubian activists who had been arrested earlier,” Nubian activist Abdel Dayem Ezz Eddin told Mada Masr.

The story dates back to September 3, when tens of Nubian activists staged a march on “Nubian Gathering Day” to call for the displaced Nubian people’s right to return to their homeland. Security forces arrested 25 of them under charges of “inciting protests,” “obstructing public transport” and “protesting without a permit” in addition to “possession of flyers.” They were placed in administrative custody, an order that has been renewed multiple times since then.

The activists commenced a hunger strike, leading to the death of activist Gamal Sorour after he fell into a diabetic coma and was neglected for hours.

National Human Rights Council member George Ishaq had told Mada Masr that the council was aware of the critical health conditions of Sorour and another detainee and that they attempted all possible efforts to ensure that those on hunger strike were provided with healthcare, but failed.


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