Bodies of 13 Egyptian migrants found in Libya

The bodies of 13 Egyptian migrants were found 200 kilometers south of the city of Tobruk in Libya by an army patrol on Wednesday, according to Libyan Red Crescent Spokesperson Fatima al-Obaidy. The patrol later contacted the Red  Crescent.

News channel Libya Now aired footage of a number of bodies scattered around a four wheel vehicle that had seemingly broken down, stranding the passengers. The condition of the bodies indicated that they had passed away long before they were discovered.

A group comprised of Red Crescent members and Libyan security forces headed to the site on Thursday and buried the bodies where they were found. According to Obaidy, all of the deceased Egyptians carried their identification papers. Their names will be announced soon.

This comes after a similar incident in July when the bodies of 48 Egyptian migrants lost in the Libyan desert were found. They had crossed Libyan borders and were later abandoned by their guide, according to Libyan sources who spoke to Mada Masr.

Egyptian citizens reportedly cross Libyan borders in search for job opportunities despite the unrest in the country and the continuous warnings issued by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.


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