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11 released following arrest campaign targeting Tiran and Sanafir opponents
Courtesy: Momen Samir

Dostour Party member and lawyer Tarek Hussein was released on LE2,000 bail on Sunday after he was arrested from his home early Saturday on charges of inciting protests and belonging to a terrorist group, according to lawyer Malek Adly. He was among many arrested in connection to protests against Parliament’s recent approval of the Tiran and Sanafir agreement.

According to the Front to Defend Egypt’s Protesters, Montaza Prosecution in Alexandria also released six others who had been arrested in front of the Karama Party headquarters in Alexandria on Thursday during a protest denouncing the approval of the maritime border agreement, which concedes sovereignty over the two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia.

The organization also announced the release of activist Mohamed Ashraf from Qalyub, activists Mahmoud al-Malawany and Amr Atteya on LE500 bail each and Osama Tayea from Ismailia on LE3,000 bail. All were charged with protesting without a permit, illegal assembly and obstructing public facilities.

However, several arrested on the same charges had their detention renewed on Sunday. Dostour Party member Al-Hosseiny Shahin from Kafr al-Sheikh’s detention was extended by 15 days pending investigations, alongside six others arrested in Suez and two in Alexandria.

Authorities initiated a widespread arrest campaign starting Tuesday in response to the dismay that accompanied Parliament’s deliberation and passing of the Tiran and Sanafir agreement. According to figures published by the Freedom for the Brave campaign, security forces have arrested 112 activists since Tuesday, releasing 37 of them.

Rights lawyer Mohamed Abdel Aziz told Mada Masr earlier that the arrest campaign has targeted members of several opposition parties and independent activists, many of whom were arrested from their homes.

“This brutal campaign is an attempt to preempt any movements against the [Tiran and Sanafir] agreement,” he said, adding that the large number of arrests is disproportionate to the limited street action that took place following the parliamentary vote.

The Popular Campaign to Protect the Land, a movement that incorporates opposition forces in Egypt and has been leading action against the agreement, called for protests against Parliament’s decision last Friday, however, the arrest campaign obstructed protest plans resulting in a few dozen protesters in Giza, Cairo and Alexandria.

Security forces also arrested a number of people at the Journalists Syndicate on Tuesday, which was the site of a sit-in protesting the islands agreement. Although most were released later on Tuesday, lawyers later discovered that eight more people had been arrested from the surrounding area the protest was dispersed, who were later released on LE10,000 bail.