Report: 50 years on from the June 1967 War

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 War, which ended with a defeat that changed the shape of the Arab region. This war had and still has implications on the shape of power in our countries, its political choices, our cultural production and even our understanding of ourselves. This is why, after 50 years, we find ourselves needing to re-read the war and its consequences, as well as critiquing its analysis and our perceptions of it. This is what this co-authored special report is trying to do.

In February this year, the Amman-based media organization 7iber hosted a number of independent online news websites, which share the common ground of independent and critical journalism. The meeting built on another gathering hosted in Cairo by Mada Masr the year before. The aim of these meetings, which we decided to call “February Forums,” is to open channels of communication and learning from our different experiences and develop a number of shared projects.

This is where we started to work on shared projects, the first of which is this special report co-authored by seven media projects, including: Itijah, Dona Taraddod, Al-Jumhuriya, 7iber, Sowt, Mada Masr, Ma3azef and Manshoor. The full report will be translated from Arabic, which has already been launched, and linked below in the coming days. 



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