Prosecutors question chief editor of Al-Gomhurriya Fahmy Enaba, TV anchor Wael al-Ibrashy

The editor-in-chief of Egypt’s Al-Gomhurriya newspaper, Fahmy Enaba, was interrogated on Monday and subsequently released without bail, after the state-run newspaper published an article authorities deemed insulting of the judiciary.

A representative of the Journalists Syndicate Council, Gamal Abdel Meguid, attended Enaba’s interrogation and told local media outlets that the prosecution had summoned both Enaba and the chief editor of Al-Gomhurriya’s sports section, Tarek Aladwar, for questioning in relation to an article Aladwar wrote on the state’s classification of sportsman Mohamed Abu Treika as a terrorist. Enaba was accused of attempting to influence investigations into the sports star and his finances, Abdel Meguid explained.

Both Enaba and Aladwar deny the accusations against them, with the latter maintaining his article was written for sports fans and that he has the utmost respect for the state justice system.

On Sunday, prosecutors also interrogated Wael al-Ibrashy, the presenter of the widely watched television talk show Al-Ashera Masa’an (10 pm) on Dream TV, over the airing of an episode on the shooting of military conscript Momen Saad by a judge earlier in the month. He was subsequently released on LE5,000 bail.

At the beginning of the episode, Ibrashy asked, “Does the law apply to all in the country?” He went on to question how the chief justice of a criminal court was able to shoot someone in the street.

Ibrashy hosted Saad’s fiancee, who said the chief justice had accused the conscript of theft from his residence, before a scuffle allegedly ensued and he shot him with his personal firearm.

The summoning of two prominent media personalities comes just days after Egyptian authorities moved to block access to 21 online news websites, including Mada Masr, and amid a series of arrests of oppositional figures, members of political parties and others perceived to be critical of the government’s policies.


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