Pesticide-free vegetables to your door: the top 5 in Cairo
If you live in Cairo and want organic or at least pesticide-free local produce delivered to your home, you’ve actually got quite a few options

As organic food that is sustainably produced has increasingly gained a following in Egypt, as in the rest of the world, a number of local initiatives have sprung up in the past few years. If you live in Cairo and want organic or at least pesticide-free local produce delivered to your home, you’ve actually got quite a few options.

 1. Tabi3y

Tabi3y has hands down some of the best seasonal produce you can get your hands on in Cairo. All produce is organically grown on a family-run farm using no pesticides or chemicals. Their dark leafy green vegetables (arugula, chard and spinach) and cauliflower and broccoli are particularly special.

They don’t have a pre-set basket system, which is great as you can choose exactly what you like. They also often include free samples of new things for you to try. Tabi3y sell chicken, duck and delicious eggs as well. Payments are in cash.

Tabi3y Facebook page

Delivery is available Sunday-Thursday.
Order by calling 0103 121 0690 and see Tabi3y Facebook page.

2.  NGS (Nature’s Gifts Stores)

The first online vegetable market of its kind in Cairo, NGS has expanded from fruit and vegetable to also sell dairy, grains, seriously good meat and an array of other treats. All produce is fresh and locally sourced. Much of it organic, with a particular good selection of fruit.

One thing they could do to make the service even better is label the produce so that consumers know the producer of each product. Customer service at NGS is excellent and means that, unlike most deliveries, they always show up on time. Payments can be made in cash or online, and you can set exactly when you would like your order delivered.

Delivery is available daily apart from Fridays.
Order from NGS website.

3. Sara’s Organic Food

Sara’s organic food is a Swiss-Egyptian run operation, growing EU-certified organic and chemical free produce on a sprawling farm on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

Their seasonal basket service, where you can choose online from three differently sized baskets with prices in the range of LE400-680, depending on which size you choose, and include an array of reliably delicious vegetables as well as eggs. It’s also worth adding a jar of their honey produced naturally from bees on their farm. Payments can me made in cash or online with credit card.

Delivery is available Mondays or Wednesdays depending on where you live. (Sara’s Organic Food delivers to each area one day a week to reduce emissions).
Order from Sara’s Organic Food website.

4. Makar Farms

The original purveyor of delicious and vegetables and still one of the best, Makar Farms is a family operation focused on quality and variety. Certified organic by two international bodies, Makar provides a range of herbs, as well as rare items like zucchini flowers for stuffing, edible flowers for salads and cakes. They have also recently started selling rhubarb.

You can pick your own items or try their pre-selected “Best of the Week” basket, which is a selection of items that are available in quality and quantity up to LE 100 to which delivery charges are added. Payments are in cash.

Delivery is available seven days per week. For weekend delivery, orders need to made by Thursday.
Order from Makar Farms Facebook page.

5. Offah

Offah is another convenient option for those who like to do their shopping online. Specializing in fresh produce grown in Egypt for export markets, they have a solid range of fruit and vegetables that are both organic and chemical free. While they don’t have a selected basket option, they do enable users to shop by brand making it much easier to find the items you want from specific producers.

The notable delicious items they sell include locally grown raspberries, herbs from aquaponics company Bustan and the delicious and sometimes hard to find bananas from Balaika. Payments are made in cash.

Delivery is available daily.
Order from Offah website.

Produce from Tabi3y, Sara’s Organic Food and Makar Farms is also sold in Ma7ali in Maadi (which stock fair trade products from NGOs as well), and Gourmet, Seoudi and Alfa supermarkets, which all have branches scattered around Cairo.


Maddison Sawle 

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