11 music releases from 2016: Space is a desert

Here’s a moving and reinvigorating selection of 11 of this year’s best releases from Egypt and beyond, as recommended by Mada Masr’s Maha ElNabawi. Listen — perhaps some good things have happened this year after all.

1. Baka of the Future by the Dwarfs of East Agouza (from Bes, Nawa Recordings)

2. Dr. Beckett by ZULI (Ahmed Ghazoly) (from Bionic Ahmed, UIQ label)

3. Purple Feathers by SightFire with Abdullah Miniawy (Soundcloud release)

4. Salam Nubia by Alsarah & The Nubatones (Wonderwheel Recordings)

5. Namla by Tamer Abu Ghazeleh (from Thulth, Mostakell)

6. Ashekat al-Wardi by Maryam Saleh (Mostakell)

7. prdt (4) by ISMAEL. (Ismail Hosny) (from PreData, Soundcloud release)

8. 7awalaya Kteer (Surrounded By Many) by Zaed Naes feat Maii Waleed (Soundcloud release)

9. Cake & Butter by Zahed Sultan (Soundcloud release)

10. Abaad Shawii 1 by El-Morabba3 (self-release, distribution through Universal)

11. Bladi (My Country/Mon pays) by Khyam Allami / Joujma (from the original film soundtrack for As I Open My Eyes, Nawa Recordings)