Militant group Lewaa al-Thawra publishes footage of Adel Ragaei assassination
Photograph: Mada Masr

A Facebook account named Media of the Resistance posted a video on Monday, attributed to the radical Islamist group Lewaa al Thawra (Revolution Brigade), showing scenes from the assassination of Brigadier General Adel Ragaei. The senior military official was killed on October 22 when he was shot by armed assailants outside his home in Obour City.

Ragaei was the chief of the Armed Force’s Ninth Armored Division, which was directly involved in the demolition of smuggling tunnels running between Sinai and the Gaza Strip, and the demolition of properties in Rafah to create a buffer zone along the border.

The footage includes scenes of the military demolishing residences in Rafah, accompanied by a narrator whose voice has been electronically modified to conceal their identity. The video claims that “The Operations Command Council” commissioned Lewaa al-Thawra to collect information and prepare a file on Ragaei “and to monitor the target’s movements in the Obour City neighborhood of Al-Mustathmer al-Sagheer, where it learned he was a resident.”

According to the video, the group learned that Ragaei was accompanied by a personal driver and armed guards who transported him in a white jeep.

Once the information on the general was collated, he was added to a list of Lewaa al-Thawra targets, along with a plan for his assassination. The video claims that the go-ahead was then given and the killing scheduled to take place on Saturday, October 22, when “a group of our fighters was to execute the operation at 6:25 in the morning.”

An article in the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper published in 2011 reported that Ragaei’s wife, who served as the military news editor at a national newspaper, was also the coordinator of the Coalition of the Silent Majority. The group organized demonstrations and rallies in support of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces following the January 25 revolution which toppled President Hosni Mubarak.

The assassination is the second operation for which Lewaa al-Tharwa has claimed responsibility. The group first garnered attention in August when they attacked a police checkpoint in Monufiya, killing two policemen and wounding five others, including two civilians.

Another armed Islamist group the Hassm Movement issued a statement following the assassination announcing support, and congratulating the attackers.

The Hassm Movement claimed responsibility for the assassination attempt on the Deputy Prosecutor General Zakaria Abdel Aziz in New Cairo in August of this year. It has also claimed responsibility for an attempt on the life of judge Ahmed Aboul Fotouh outside his home in Nasr City earlier in November.


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