Head of Al-Azhar University says Arabic will outlive other world languages

Arabic is likely to survive after the death of other global languages, as it is the language of family and the Quran, the head of Al-Azhar University said at a conference on Wednesday.

“Behold the death of all global languages except the Arabic language, because it is a language of material not of words. Arabic is also the language of family bonds,” he said.

The head of Al-Azhar, Egypt’s main Islamic university, Ibrahim al-Hodhod spoke at a conference organized by the Sheikh Zayed Center for teaching Arabic, Al-Shorouk newspaper reported.

The English language is already dying, Hodhod said, citing the use of Arabic in some research papers at British universities as evidence of his claim.

The language of the Arabs is the most intense of all world languages,” the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper cited Hodhod saying.

Learning Arabic is a “religious duty for non-Arab muslims,” head of the Sheikh Zayed Center asserted, as it enables them to recite the Quran and understand its verses, provisions and rituals, and to have a good knowledge of Islamic history and its impact on global civilizations.

For more than 11 centuries, the historic Al-Azhar University has been one of the main centers of Islamic and Arabic teaching in the world. The university has expanded its educational scope to include other disciplines, such as medicine and engineering since the 1960s.


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