Students announce protest over postponing of thanaweya amma exams

Egypt’s Education Ministry adjourned a number of thanaweya amma exams on Sunday following the appearance of a leaked exam paper online.

The ministry postponed the mechanics exam for the national secondary certificate until July 2, after it was leaked on Facebook ahead of the exam. Students taking the exam on Sunday confirmed it was identical, prompting authorities to also delay algebra, history and geology exams to July 4.

Investigations into the leaking of exams will be referred to the National Security Agency, as the matter “threatens state interests,” the public prosecution declared in a press email sent to reporters.

A number of thanaweya amma students announced a demonstration in front of the Education Ministry on Monday in protest over the decision.

One of the protest organizers, Nasr Emad, told Mada Masr that holding the exam again after students have already taken it is unfair. “Most students already did very well today in the exam, why should we waste our efforts after we studied a lot? Isn’t it enough that we did not enjoy Ramadan, now they want us not to enjoy Eid? Those who leak the exams are not idiots, exams will be leaked even if they are postponed,” he claimed.

Emad blamed the incompetence of Education Minister Al-Helaly al-Sherbiny: “He cannot protect an examination paper, how can he protect students?”

The Education Ministry also postponed the religion thanaweya amma exam earlier this month, after both Arabic language and religion exams were leaked hours before they were held.

The ministry already announced a number of measures to confront “electronic cheating,” including imposing harsh sentences on those proven to leak exams. The Interior Ministry also announced the arrest of a number of officials working for the Education Ministry’s “secret print houses,” where examination papers are printed, all to no avail, as examinations papers are still being leaked.


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