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Sisi stresses need to solve Palestine question at power plant inauguration

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi urged Palestinians and Israelis to seek reconciliation, saying Egypt is willing to play a part in reaching a resolution to the longstanding crisis, in his address to inaugurate a power plant in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Assiut.

Egypt is willing to play a “responsible” role in helping to secure “hope for Palestinians and security for Israelis,” Sisi said, calling on both sides to seek peace, and urging Palestinians to unite their various factions.

He also urged Israeli leaders and political parties to reconcile and the Israeli people to trust him in helping to find a solution to the crisis, promising “great things for coming generations.”

“We will turn over a new leaf and accomplish not less, and perhaps more, than in the Peace Accord between Egypt and Israel in 1979,” he said, adding that “time can solve many issues.”

Sisi asserted that the 1979 treaty, in which Egypt and Israel agreed to the normalization of relations and the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces and civilians from the Sinai Peninsula, gave security and peace to both nations.

He lauded the treaty, claiming Egypt put an end to “anger, hatred and war.”

“I meet many presidents from across the world, as well as members of congress, and even members of different Jewish delegations, and I have always reminded them that the move made 40 years ago is what ushered in an era of real peace,” he said.

His comments follow a visit by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Cairo last week, during which Sisi promised to exert efforts to help establish a Palestinian state based on 1967 borders. 

Sisi was speaking in Assiut at the inauguration of a 1,000-megawatt power plant in the Upper Egyptian governorate. He said the total electricity production is expected to reach 4,400 megawatts by the end of the year.

Sisi also witnessed the inauguration of power plants in other governorates through video conferences, including plants in Damietta, 6th of October City, Cairo and Giza.

He lauded the state’s accomplishments in various fields over the past two years, saying, “the state is fighting to stand on its feet,” and warning against “evil people” who are joining forces against Egypt.

The president also addressed a number of fires that have blazed in several areas of Downtown Cairo recently, urging the government to compensate those affected by them.

He commented, “I won’t say how much you should give, but it should be as much as we can offer, as we are approaching Ramadan and we don’t want them to suffer while we’re here.”