Rights lawyer Negad al-Borai summoned to interrogation for 5th time
Courtesy: Negad al-Borai's Facebook page

Human rights lawyer and United Group law firm head Negad al-Borai has been summoned for interrogation on Tuesday May 17 in relation to allegations of establishing an illegal group, according to a statement by the United Group.

Borai was interrogated four times previously, most recently in March in relation to six charges, including founding an unlicensed group to incite against authorities, broadcasting false information and disturbing public security, the statement asserted.  

Borai was interrogated in March for over three hours before he was released on bail, pending further investigations.

According to the United Group’s statement, the investigation follows a complaint filed against Borai and two judges, Cairo Appeals Court Judge Assem Abdel Gabbar and Court of Cassation Judge Hisham Abdel Raouf. The three men have been accused of attempting to pressure President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to push their draft version of an anti-torture bill.

“The group in question is the United Group, a law firm established by my mother in 1941,” Borai wrote on his Facebook page.

In March 2015, the United Group submitted a draft bill criminalizing torture in police stations and detention facilities to Sisi. Shortly afterward, Abdel Gabbar and Raouf, participants in the initiative, were referred to investigation.

The draft proposes harsher sentences for those convicted of torture violations and places direct legal responsibility on the heads of police stations and detention facilities for incidents of torture, even if they were not personally involved in violations.


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