Son of controversial film producer sentenced to 3 years in prison for ‘insulting Egyptian women’

A misdemeanor court sentenced Taymour al-Sobky, son of controversial film producer Mohamed al-Sobky, to three years in prison and a LE200 fine for insulting Egyptian women. Sobky was the administrator of a Facebook page entitled “Diaries of an oppressed husband,” which has since been taken down. 

Sobky appeared two months ago on the daily talk show “Momken” (It’s Possible) hosted by anchor Khairy Ramadan, where he stated that Egyptian women, especially those who live in Upper Egypt, have a tendency to engage in immoral acts and commit adultery. He added that his views are based on his conversations with women on his page.

The court, according to privately owned according to Youm7 newspaper, accused Sobky of disseminating false information that threatens societal peace, stating these remarks respresented a flagrant insult to “honorable Egyptian women.”

For two months, the episode went unnoticed, before parliamentarian Mostafa Bakry brought up the issue in a television appearance, which led to a wave of social media uproar and multiple death threats against Sobky.

The case was later referred to court, despite Sobky’s apology, who stated that his remarks were taken out of context.

The TV show “Momken,” which aired on the privately owned CBC channel, was suspended for two months by Egypt’s Media Production Chamber.


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