Syndicate members call out TV presenter for airing sexual images of MP

Members of the Journalists Syndicate started a petition on Tuesday demanding the board refer television presenter Ahmed Moussa to internal investigation and revoke his membership, after he showed intimate pictures that he claimed are of film director and recently elected Member of Parliament Khaled Youssef.

Dean of the Faculty of Literature at Alexandria University Abbas Suleiman accused Youssef of assaulting his wife, Shaimaa Sobhy, and reported him to the prosecution on Monday. Suleiman told local media he had also attached a memory card to his report with 20 pornographic clips of the director with young girls.

Youssef denied the allegations in a statement, asserting that he would appear in front of the prosecution and waive his parliamentary immunity in order to prove his innocence.

On Monday, Moussa showed pictures on his show on Sada al-Balad, allegedly depicting Youssef with naked women — although he clarified they hadn’t been verified. Moussa said he had several more pictures, demanding Youssef respond to them.

Moussa asserted this is part of his journalistic duty to monitor parliamentary members. “Our responsibility is to oversee the parliament and the performance of its members, and this is the time to play such a role with professionalism,” he commented.

Youssef said in a television appearance on Tuesday that the pictures were fabricated and that he’s confident his innocence will be proven by law.

The Journalists Syndicate petition accused Moussa of regularly using his position to insult people and breach their privacy, asserting that his acts affect the value and prestige of the profession.

The Journalists Syndicate, along with four media institutions, is in the process of developing a journalistic code of ethics that aims to provide a framework for the performance of Egypt’s media and prevent violations. 


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