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Today’s headlines: December 10

The headlines in today’s main state and privately owned newspapers:

Egypt, Greece and Cyprus join together to achieve security in the Middle East, Al-Ahram (page 1)

Egypt surrounds Turkish greed in the region, Al-Watan (page 1)

Military spokesperson: We will burn whoever comes close to our borders, Al-Wafd (page 2)

Al-Aqrab prisoners complain of mouldy cells, banning of visits and winter clothes, Al-Shorouk (page 3)

Government: We will support parliament for the general good, Al-Masry Al-Youm (page 3)

Parties refuse to include Nour Party in any parliamentary alliance, Al-Ahram (page 1)

Decrease of hotel occupancy in Sharm el-Sheikh to 17 percent, Al-Watan (page 2)

12 Brotherhood-owned currency exchange companies confiscated, LE20 million caught at its headquarters, Al-Wafd (page 6)

Government accuses Ethiopia of building Renaissance Dam before technical studies had begun, Al-Dostour (page 5)

Confiscation of 375 books that call for violence and extremism, Youm7 (page 3)

46 outlets for the Ministry of Interior to provide food products in governorates, Al-Wafd (page 2)

Liberating Attaba Square from grip of street vendors, Al-Dostour (page 16)

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