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More than 137 complaints during second day of voting

The second day of the second round of the parliamentary elections saw 137 complaints about the electoral process, according to High Elections Commission (HEC) spokesperson Omar Marawan, speaking at a televised press conference Monday evening.

The 137 complaints were submitted between 2 pm and 9 pm.

Given that the HEC received 75 complaints between 9 am and 2 pm, the total number of complaints for Monday’s polling reached 212.

Complaints related to delays in opening polling stations, campaigning violations as well as issues regarding the barring of campaign delegates from entering polling stations.

Marawan explained that, according to HEC regulations, only one campaign delegate at a time is allowed to be constantly present at each polling station — although campaign leaders are allowed to visit or inspect polling stations on a temporary basis.

Marawan added that the results from overseas voting will be announced by HEC chief Ayman Abbas on Tuesday. These results will then be added to domestic voting results for a comprehensive tally.

When asked whether the HEC had received complaints regarding the press conference held by Republican alliance coordinator Tahany al-Gebaly on Monday, in which she accused the For the Love of Egypt list of being aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and the United States, Marawan said that no complaint had been filed.

Gebaly accused the For the Love of Egypt list of seeking to revive the Brotherhood, before claiming that the list’s chief coordination had met with senior Brotherhood members abroad and received financial support from the outlawed Islamist group.