Nour Party candidate attacked in Mahalla

A Nour Party parliamentary candidate was attacked on Tuesday by unknown assailants, according to state-owned Al-Ahram, and has suffered head injuries and a concussion.

An Interior Ministry source said that Mahmoud Emara Ali, a candidate for the Mahalla constituency in Gharbiya, was stopped in his car by two people on a motorcycle who proceeded to assault him. Al-Ahram stated that the assailants beat him over the head with glass resulting in three lacerations on his head.

The newspaper reported that Ali was taken to a public hospital, but now is in stable condition at his residence.     

His vehicle was also damaged in the attack, Al-Ahram reported.

On Saturday, the only parliamentary candidate for the Salafi Nour Party in North Sinai was shot dead by unknown assailants in Arish.

According to a statement by the party, Mostafa Abdel Rahman was “killed by the hands of terrorism” when two masked men on a motorcycle shot him as he left his house in Arish to head to the mosque to pray.

The party also released a video showing hundreds of mourners attending Rahman’s funeral and called the authorities to investigate the murder immediately.

Tuesday marks the first day of the runoffs for parliamentary elections. However, voting in Gharbiya will take place in the second phase of elections, slated for November 21–22.

While the official results of the first stage are yet to be announced, preliminary vote counting showed a staggering defeat for the Salafi party thus far.

There was a concentrated media campaign against the Nour Party in the weeks leading up to the first phase of the parliamentary elections. Newspapers accused the party of collaboration with the outlawed-Muslim Brotherhood and facilitating the Brotherhood’s “infiltration” of parliament. Newspapers also accused the Nour Party of using religion to manipulate voters.

The party’s electoral lists lost to the For the Love of Egypt list in the West Delta and Upper Egypt, and six of the party’s candidates reportedly lost the elections in Alexandria, while only four candidates are due to run in the second round. 


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