Elections countdown: 33 days

The High Elections Commission stated on Tuesday that voting in the coming parliamentary elections in countries witnessing conflicts will be cancelled. The decision will affect voters in Libya, Syria and Yemen.

Party affiliated Al-Wafd newspaper wrote on Tuesday that political parties welcomed the decision and considered it appropriate, given the security conditions in the three countries. Head of the Socialist Party Ahmed Bahaa Eddin Shaaban said that as the number of Egyptian expats in these countries is small, the decision will not affect the vote.

Interesting symbols

The High Elections Commission has added 10 more electoral symbols to its approved list. The commission assigns slogans from the list to individual candidates in addition to parties and lists after they submit their requests. The new additions to the 190 slogans that were already announced by the commission in August include some unusual symbols like the remote control, the submarine and the pencil case.

8 parliamentary elections candidates excluded in Alexandria for consumption of narcotics

Eight candidates for the coming parliamentary elections were disqualified when medical check-ups revealed drug use, privately owned Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Tuesday.

A ninth candidate was also excluded based on having a history of mental health issues.

Hesham Abdel Hamid, the spokesperson for the Directorate of Health Affairs in Alexandria, told the newspaper that this candidate presented a petition, which was accepted, and will now be able to run.

Today marks the last day of medical check-ups for potential parliamentary elections candidates.