Three judges killed in gun attack in Arish, North Sinai

Three judges were killed in Arish, North Sinai, on Saturday morning when armed men targeted their vehicle in Khazan Street in the Masaeed area, the state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported.


According to a health source cited by privately owned Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper, a fourth person injured in the attack died later, and two more were severely injured. 

The judges were on route from Ismailia to attend court sessions in Arish when gunmen in three cars attacked the microbus they were traveling in, Al-Ahram reported. 

The attack occurred just a few hours after the sentencing of former president Mohamed Morsi to death on Saturday morning, along with several other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, leading to speculation that it was retaliatory, although no one has claimed it yet.

Several judicial personalities and buildings have been the targets of attacks in recent months.

Last Sunday, Judge Moataz Khafaga, who oversaw the guidance bureau case in which Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie was sentenced to death, survived an assassination attempt. Security sources said a bomb was detonated in front of the judge’s house, destroying cars and the entrance to his house.


In March, a bomb exploded in front of the High Court in Cairo, killing two and injuring nine. 

Also in March, there was an attack on judge Khaled Mahgoub, who was involved in Morsi’s jailbreak case, causing damage to his house. 


Saturday’s attack occurs amid an intensive security operation that has been ongoing in North Sinai for two years, aiming to eradicate terrorism in the area. In return, several militant groups have been targeting security personel and facilities, as well as anyone seen to be collaborating with the Armed Forces. 

Several tribal members in North Sinai announced their support for the military in their battle against Sinai militants in a conference last week. 


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