Feud between ultras and Zamalek Club head heats up with reported assault

The Giza prosecution ordered the detention of a suspect in an assault against Zamalek Club director Mortada Mansour for four days pending investigations, reported the state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram.

Mansour filed a complaint alleging that three members of the Zamalek Ultras White Knights threw incendiary material at him with the intent to kill, according to Al-Ahram.

The authorities did not state if the apprehended individual was affiliated with the ultras.

However, according to a statement posted on the football fan group’s official Facebook page, in fact a member of the group threw a plastic bag filled with stool and urine at Mansour to “intimidate and humiliate” him. The group released a video of the incident, which showed only one person perpetrating the attack.

A heated confrontation between the club director and the football fans has been escalating since he opposed their presence at the club’s games, and called for police forces to intervene in the White Knight’s protests against him.

Mansour has gained widespread notoriety for his feuds with, and lawsuits against, multiple groups and public figures. In August, he accused the Muslim Brotherhood and the Ultras White Knights of attempting to assassinate him.