Activists join hunger strike in solidarity with detainees
Courtesy: Mona Seif, Twitter

At least eight activists joined the wave of hunger strikes started by detainees last month, several groups announced in a press conference held on Sunday.

The “We are fed up” movement, which was started by hunger-striking detainees, called for the conference.

The “Freedom for the Brave Movement,” which works in support of detainees’ rights, has recorded 58 cases of hunger strikes in prisons and believe there are more cases that have not yet been documented.

Mohamed Soltan, son of Muslim Brotherhood leading figure Salah Soltan, has been on hunger strike for the longest period of 224 days.

Islam Talaat, who is on his eighth day of hunger strike, told Mada Masr that he is striking in solidarity with the detainees.

“The decision at first was not made with a political purpose but as an act of solidarity with my friends, I felt I owe them that. After that it became a tool for me to support their cases from the outside,” Talaat, who is a close friend of several hunger-striking detainees said, adding that now the wave is growing he has hope that it will contribute to their release.

The hunger-striking activists issued a statement in which they said that they are supporting the demands of detainees: the release of those arrested under the Protest Law and the annulment of the law and improving of conditions for detainees.

The statement maintained that in the face of new arrests, violations of detainees’ rights and hunger strikes behind bars, the only thing left to do is to join them in solidarity.

Among the hunger strikers on the outside is Mona Seif, whose brother and sister, Alaa and Sanaa, are both on hunger strike in prison protesting their detention on protest-related charges.

Fellow inmates had reported to activists during a visit that detainee Ahmed Gamal Ziyada, also arrested on protest-related charges, fainted in his cell on Saturday — his 17th day of hunger strike — and they had to bang on the prison cell for hours before the guards showed up to take him to the prison hospital.

Seven of the Shura council defendants, who have been sentenced to 15 years in absentia but remain free, also announced a hunger strike on Sunday. The three defendants in the case who are detained had already started hunger strikes previously.


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