Electricity minister to replace alleged MB members
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Minister of Electricity Mohamed Shaker is moving to replace a number of officials in the sector for their alleged affiliation to the Muslim Brotherhood, state-owned Al-Ahram newspaper reported.   

Among those to be replaced is Mohamed Habib, a board member for planning and research at the Electricity Holding Company, who is being moved to the Cairo Electric Production Company for his affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hassan Refai, who served as the governor of Ismailia under Mohamed Morsi, was also moved from his position at the East Delta Electricity Production Company to another position in the same company.

Two more officials are being replaced, according to Al-Ahram, one reportedly for his weak performance.

Households and businesses across Egypt have been experiencing extended power cuts that drag on for hours. Blame has been placed on terrorist acts and sabotage to justify the frequent power outages.

Last week, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb said several electricity towers had been subjected to 300 acts of vandalism over the last month, decreasing electricity generation by 10 to 15 percent.

Last Wednesday, Shaker claimed in a memorandum to the Cabinet that the fuel deficit is equivalent to 11 million cubic meters of gas per day, and that inferior quality fuel supplied by the Ministry of Petroleum is causing frequent breakdowns at power stations.

Shaker also reportedly cited attacks and acts of sabotage against electricity facilities as a cause of blackouts, echoing claims made by Mehleb. 

Meanwhile, Al-Borsa news reported that, according to unnamed sources, electricity production has been harmed by poor quality fuel, an allegation that places responsibility on the Petroleum Ministry rather than the Ministry of Electricity. 


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