Update: 21 soldiers killed in attack targeting military checkpoint in Farafra

At least 21 soldiers were killed in a drive by shooting Saturday on a military checkpoint in the southern city of Farafra in the New Valley, according to a statement by the Armed Forces spokesperson on Facebook.

The shooting took place at 6.30 pm, half an hour before iftar. Eyewitnesses told the independently owned Al-Masry Al-Youm (AMAY) website that shooting continued for 15 minutes before 20 ambulances came to transport the dead and injured to Farafra public hospital.

A security source told AMAY that three of the unknown assailants were killed, adding that this is a new kind of attack, in which assailants use heavy weapons like RPGs.

The source also said that this is the second attack in the last three months, as assailants killed five soldiers and one army officer at the same checkpoint.