TV anchor apologizes to Moroccan people for controversial remarks

TV anchor Amany al-Khayat apologized to the Moroccan people and King Mohamed VI of Morocco after criticizing Morocco’s role in the ongoing Palestinian crisis. According to media reports, Khayat also stated that Morocco’s income depends mostly on prostitution and that the country has one of the highest levels of HIV compared to other states.  She added that this is due to Islamist rule.

Khayat said on Thursday in her morning talk-show “Sabah On, ” aired on the privately owned ONtv channel, that she apologizes to every Moroccan who felt insulted by her remarks, adding that she got carried away.

The TV presenter also apologized to the king of Morocco and every Arab official who misunderstood her attack on those who use religion as a political façade, such as Khaled Meshaal, the head of the political bureau of Hamas.

Meanwhile, on his Twitter account, Naguib Sawiris, owner of ONtv, stated that he will personally investigate the matter after a Moroccan citizen sent him a message saying, “Look at what Amany has done. I, as a Moroccan, will find it impossible to defend Egypt from now on.”

The Egyptian presenter has described the Moroccan stance on the Palestinian cause as “confused,” and criticized the “young king” for making a deal with Islamists. Several Moroccan activists have launched a hashtag on Twitter related to the incident, with others demanding an official apology from the Egyptian government.