Taxi drivers protest new fuel prices
Courtesy: Courtesy of Nicholas Simcik-Arese

Cairo governor Galal Saeed announced Saturday that taxi fares will start at LE3, rather than LE2.50, part of a broader price hike on fuel, goods and commodities which has drawn criticism from taxi drivers and transport workers. 

The fare per kilometer will also go up to LE1.40 instead of LE1, Saeed added.

Following the recent government decision to increase fuel and electricity prices, a number of microbus drivers gathered in Boulaq al-Dakrour to protest the government’s decision.

Al-Wafd newspaper stated that most gas stations around the country had no octane-80 fuel, which made most taxi drivers head back home. Mohamed, a microbus driver, told the independent newspaper that people are used to small increases in transportation fares, somewhere between 10 to 20 piasters. However, this latest raise is far bigger and and many people will not be able to afford it, he argued.

Shaaban, another driver, also told the newspaper that the raise will likely disrupt the flow of passengers using microbuses to commute to work. Another driver said that state-owned cars receive subsidized fuel and called upon the government to consider the unprivileged in society.

Privately owned newspaper Al-Watan stated that the price increase had affected taxi and microbus owners in Hurghada, where microbus fares went up by 50 piaster per passenger. Taxi drivers meanwhile raised the tariff from 5LE to LE10.