MB supreme guide, 13 others sentenced to death for Istiqama clashes
مرشد الإخوان محمد بديع

The Giza Criminal Court sentenced Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie and 13 other high-profile Islamists to death on Thursday.

The ruling has been sent to the Grand Mufti for review, according the rights organization Al-Haqaneya for Law and Attorney, though his decision is legally non-binding.

According to the Associated Press, the court will convene again on August 3 to issue its final verdict.

The defendants, four of whom were tried in absentia, were found guilty of killing 10 people and injuring 20 others during violent clashes around the Istiqama Mosque in Giza last July.

The men were also charged with inciting violence, using force against state servants, rioting, vandalizing public and private property and belonging to a terrorist organization.

Other prominent defendants in the case include Brotherhood leaders Mohamed al-Beltagy and Essam al-Erian, as well as Jama’a al-Islamiya members Abdel Meguid and Safwat Hegazy.

The charges stem from violent clashes that broke out in the aftermath of former President Mohamed Morsi’s ouster. Protesters belonging to the now-banned Brotherhood group fought with area residents around the mosque. As the violence escalated, the defendants allegedly threw Molotov cocktails at the military police building in Giza as part of a “terrorist plot,” according to the prosecution.

This is the second time Badie’s fate has been put in the hands of the Grand Mufti. In April, the Minya Criminal Court sentenced Badie and 682 others to death for killing a police officer and inciting violence after Morsi was removed from power.

A final ruling in that case is scheduled for June 21. It is widely expected that the death sentences will be upheld.

Yesterday, the Giza Criminal Court issued death sentences against 12 Islamist defendants accused of killing a police general in the Kerdasa district of Giza last year.

This year, Egyptian judges have issued well over 1,200 death sentences against Brotherhood members, Morsi supporters and other opposition Islamists.


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