Downtown street vendors to be relocated


The assistant to the Cairo governor, General Mohamed Ayman, stated on Wednesday that downtown street vendors would be temporary relocated to a multiple story parking facility in the district of Turgoman, near Ramsis.


Ayman added that, due to the large numbers of vendors and their merchandise and equipment, they would be taking shifts in the parking facility, according to the independent publication Al-Shorouk. 


Governor Galal al-Saeed went on an inspection tour on Thursday in Downtown Cairo to supervise the process as part of a national campaign that started last week across Egypt in collaboration with the Interior Ministry.


The number of street vendors in the area of Tahrir and in neighboring districts has increased substantially since the 2011 uprising. Tahrir square was closed several times in the last three years and clashes between street vendors and security forces have erupted regularly.


The latest Cairo Governorate Statistics state that the number of street vendors has reached 20,000 just in Cairo.