High Elections Commission denies ballot forgery

The High Elections Commission released a statement on Tuesday saying that the video of alleged ballot forgery that has been circulating on social media is fake. The video shows a civilian filling out ballots for Sisi, while another man in military attire helps him.

However, the HEC says that the size of the ballots in the video is larger than the official ballot and that the official stamp on the ballots is missing.

Meanwhile, a small homemade bomb exploded near Roxy Square in Heliopolis early on the second day of voting, with no reports of fatalities.

An Interior Ministry statement carried by the state owned Middle East News Agency said there were no injures, but the state owned Al-Ahram said the bomb went off near a church causing one injury and destroying three cars. Security forces immediately began combing the surrounding areas, MENA reported.

On the first day of voting, polling stations closed at 9 pm with unofficial reports of a low turnout and pro-Sisi talk shows calling on the people to participate. Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb announced last night that Tuesday would be an official holiday to allow employees to cast their votes. The HEC asserted that no official count has been released yet.

An election worker in Dokki told Mada Masr that his polling station had a 27 percent turnout on Monday and that the turnout today was much lower.

“It’s hot and people are using the day off to sleep,” he says.

Mounir Abdel Mesih, 63, owns a store in Arcadia Mall and gave his employees the day off to be able to go vote. He said he voted for Sabbahi in the last election, but his vote this time goes to Sisi because he wants “a tough man.”

Mohamed Ashmawy, 30, says he will cast his vote today for Sisi, saying he thinks he has a better economic platform that will attract investors. Although the Muslim Brotherhood announced they would boycott the elections, he believes they will mobilize in Sabbahi’s favor today.

The Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that two people died of natural causes while casting their vote on Monday, while 38 were injured on the first day of the vote. The deaths of two elderly voters occurred in Beheira and Cairo.

The governor of Daqahlia denied reports on Tuesday that a European Union observer was assaulted in a polling station, saying that he got sick and was taken to hospital for treatment.

In a report issued on the first day of elections, the Ibn Khaloun Center for Development Studies reports violations by “the future of a nation” campaign and Nour Party which were seen campaigning for Sisi nationwide in violation of 48-hour electoral silence mandated by the elections committee. 


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