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Revolutionary Socialists endorse Sabbahi to expose Sisi

The Revolutionary Socialists are calling for voting for Hamdeen Sabbahi in the upcoming presidential elections, since “every vote against his rival Abdel Fattah al-Sisi counts, if not today, then tomorrow, in order to build a real opposition,” a statement issued Sunday read.

The group expressed reservations towards Sabbahi’s stances following June 30, given his support for “the alleged war on terrorism that the state uses as a pretext for the return of the police state,” but said that millions of Egyptians are skeptical of Sisi’s “imaginary program” and are looking for an alternative.

“The Revolutionary Socialists see that participating in the elections, rather than boycotting, is the right decision in the current political situation. We must campaign against the counter-revolution candidate and expose him and whoever stands behind him, including remnants of the Mubarak regime and opportunists,” the statement said.

The statement also stated that the presidential elections will be used by the “counter revolution” to achieve its purposes and defeat the revolutionary forces, in light of the return of the police state and their “unprecedented massacres,” as well as their other violations.

The elections, the group said, reflect the revolution’s “crisis,” which has led to the absence of a candidate that endorses its goals. As a result, the group called on Sabbahi to reevaluate his stances towards the current regime, and urged his supporters to lobby him to adhere to revolution’s goals: bread, freedom and social justice.

The group called on Sabbahi to work on achieving social justice and retribution for martyrs that have died since January 25, 2011, releasing detainees and canceling laws that restrict freedom (including the Protest Law), the redistribution of wealth by imposing a tax system, as well as imposing minimum and maximum wages in both private and public sectors.

The statement also urged Sabbahi to “eliminate the tyrannical state,” build a democracy and work on the independence of the labor and syndicate movements, as well as guarantee the state’s independence.

“We will engage in the battle of the elections to expose Sisi’s illusions and destroy the statue that Mubarak’s returning state is building,” the statement concluded.