Alliance to Support Legitimacy to boycott elections

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy have said that the upcoming presidential elections are an illegal farce that they will boycott.

A statement, released on Sunday by the Islamist coalition formed to reinstate ousted President Mohamed Morsi, reiterated that Egypt’s presidency is not a vacant position and that “the coup” of July 3 2013 is null and void.

Egypt’s institutions, including the Armed Forces, police and judiciary, are corrupt, it said, adding that Western supervision of the elections will not be recognized.

“Such unconstitutional measures are a waste of public money, especially in light of the bad economic situation,” the statement said.

“We consider Abdel Fattah al-Sisi another [Hosni] Mubarak,” it added.

In December the alliance rejected the draft constitution and described the committee that drafted and voted on the document as lacking legitimacy.

Formed shortly after Morsi was ousted, the pro-Muslim Brotherhood group has called for several protests. Their most recent call, for a week of protests commemorating the six-month anniversary of the dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya and Nahda Square sit-ins that left hundreds dead last August, was in February.


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