MB in Egypt slams British decision to investigate UK activity
Courtesy: Wiki Open Government License

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt responded to an announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron — that there would be an enquiry into the group’s activities in the UK — in an official statement Tuesday, condemning all smear campaigns that accuse the organization of preaching violence.

The Islamist organization also asserted that all of its fugitive members abroad are fully committed to the rules and regulations of the respective countries they are resident in around the world as a legitimate contract that should not be violated.

“The Muslim Brotherhood group calls on the governments of Western countries to pay attention to what the coup authorities are trying to do in Egypt and the pressures they exert to fabricate the truth about the Brotherhood in Egypt, so that these governments will give up on their just stances towards [those who see injustice] in Egypt.” 

The statement added, “The UK administration is aware of the group’s activities and peacefulness.” 

The decision by the UK government to review the Islamist group follows an increasing number of Muslim Brotherhood members fleeing from Egypt to the UK after the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsy last summer and the Egyptian government’s subsequent declaration of the group as a terrorist entity in December.

The BBC said that the enquiry would investigate the meetings of Brotherhood associates in London, reportedly held to plan a response to the crackdown in Egypt.

The review will include an examination of “the group’s philosophy and activities and the government’s policy towards it,” the BBC added.

The BBC’s security correspondent Frank Gardner was quoted as saying that, while some Brotherhood members in the UK are suspected to have links to militant groups, these are believed to be individual cases as opposed to “a collective policy.”

He also warned of outlawing the group as a terrorist group like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have done, as he said it crystallizes the notion that an Islamic state can only be established through violence. However, he also cautioned against allowing London to become a safe haven for militant activities and planning by Islamist groups like other European cities were for terrorist networks in the 1990s.


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