Minya court hears new case against 683 MB supporters


Minya Criminal Court is hearing the case of 683 Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters accused of inciting and committing violence in the Adwa area, state-owned portal EgyNews reported on Tuesday.


The defendants include Mohamed Badie, the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as other leaders from the group in the Adwa area of Minya.

They are accused of raiding public establishments, including Adwa police station, disturbing the peace and terrorizing people.


The violence took place following the dispersal of the Rabea al-Adaweya sit-in in Cairo in August, where Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters were camped to demand the reinstatement of former President Mohamed Morsi. Morsi was ousted from power weeks earlier through a military intervention amid mass protests demanding his resignation. The violent dispersal was followed by a series of attacks across the country on police stations, churches and schools.


EgyNews cited a series of security measures ahead of the hearing, such as closing off streets leading to the court house, and preventing cars from parking and people from walking in the immediate area.


The case follows a controversial ruling on Monday by a Minya court, in which the judge issued a death sentence against 529 members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood accused of killing a policeman and raiding a police station among other charges. The ruling has caused uproar amongst Muslim Brotherhood supporters and human rights organizations.


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