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Prosecution begins enquiry into deaths during Qalyubiya raid
Armed Forces in Sinai

Public prosecution began an investigation Thursday into eight deaths in Arab Sharkas village in Qalyubiya province which occurred during a raid on Wednesday, including two military officers and six civilians the Armed Forces referred to as “terrorists,” the official Middle East News Agency reported.

Prosecution collected the fingerprints of the accused deceased, as well as investigating a “secretive” weapons store inside the home where they were allegedly hiding. According to security sources, the weapons found included around three tones of explosives — homemade bombs and explosive belts.

Security sources said that the “terrorist cell” was raided in a joint operation between police and military in Qalyubiya in the Nile Delta, and is thought to be affiliated with Sinai-based jihadist group Ansar Beit Al-Maqdes.

Investigations allegedly showed that the cell was planning to carry out two operations in Greater Cairo in the coming few days, including attacks on security directorates and other state institutions. The cell was reportedly involved in the Musturud drive by shooting, and the bombing of Cairo Security Directorate, among other operations.

Maps of streets leading to security directorates in a number of governorates were also confiscated from the hideout.

During the raid, several individuals detonated devices, killing themselves and two army officers who had been deployed to diffuse the explosives. Eight suspected members of the cell were arrested.

Security sources said they would continue to comb the area searching for more explosives and fugitive members of the alleged terrorist cell.