Sisi: Will he, won’t he?

Suspense surrounding Field Marshal Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidential bid is reaching fever pitch with yet another “informed source” claiming that the defense minister will leave his position on Tuesday paving the way for his candidacy.

The saga of Sisi’s presidential bid continued Monday after Al-Masry Al-Youm cited an anonymous source claiming the defense minister will give an important speech Tuesday announcing his ministerial resignation and assuring the Egyptian people that he will respond to their demands.

The source said however that Sisi will not announce his bid for the presidency in military uniform, but in a civilian suit instead.

Sisi is slated to submit his resignation to the Cabinet headed by Ibrahim Mehleb on Wednesday, as stipulated by the Constitution, according to Al-Masry Al-Youm.

The field marshal is also expected to head a meeting with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces on Monday or Tuesday to decide on his replacement as defense minister, a procedure also stipulated by the Constitution.

Sisi last week commented on the presidential elections during an address to military students, falling just short of announcing his candidacy.

The field marshal said he could not turn away when the majority of people are calling on him to run, adding that “official procedures” would take place over the next few days. The country is going through a difficult time, Sisi said, therefore no one person can handle the responsibility on their own.

Sisi is yet to put speculation surrounding his candidacy to rest, leaving the public with almost weekly announcements through the media that he will in fact take the plunge. 

On Saturday, Interim President Adly Mansour issued a presidential elections law that will immunize the final results from being challenged in the courts.

The law also states that candidates must not hold any other nationality. Other requirements for a candidacy include being at least 40 years of age, having Egyptian parents that are not dual citizens and holding a higher education degree.


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