New law blocks appeals of presidential election outcome

Interim President Adly Mansour issued a presidential elections law Saturday that will immunize the final results from being challenged in the courts.

Ali Awad, one of the president’s advisers, announced the 60-article law at a press conference Saturday.

Awad told the website of state-owned daily Al-Ahram that the president decided to immunize the decisions of the High Elections Commission (HEC) in keeping with an earlier opinion of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

He added that Mansour was well aware that seeing presidential elections through was necessary to ensuring a stable presidency. Earlier judges on the committee drafting the law said immunity would have contradicted Article 97 of the Constitution.

The law states that candidates must not hold any other nationality. Other requirements for candidacy include being at least 40 years of age, having Egyptian parents that are not dual citizens and holding a higher education degree.

Prospective candidates must never been convicted of a crime that breaches their honor, and also be free of any mental conditions that would affect his or her duties.


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