Secretary General of the Doctors Syndicate resigns

Mona Mina resigned as Secretary General of the Doctors Syndicate Saturday night in light of doctors’ deteriorating conditions and divisions among them, according to a statement published on her Facebook page.

In her statement titled “You cannot win battles without an army,” Mina said that she always clarified that no one can achieve doctors’ demands but doctors themselves and that the only way was “solidarity, persistence and patience.”

Mina added that she currently finds herself in a position of responsibility when doctors are suffering from deteriorating conditions as well as divisions among their stances, “making it difficult for frustration and discontent to be translated into positivity or capability,” she wrote.

“It’s become expected of me to fix their problems with a magic wand, otherwise I am accused of being a traitor, or told that the position has changed me.”    

For these reasons, Mina said, she has decided to resign from her position.

She maintains, however, that her resignation is not a result of the attack against the Independent List, which is comprised of independent candidates as well as members of activist groups “Doctors Without Rights” and “Tahrir Doctors,” or because of attacks against her individually, but that it is an “affirmation of a reality.”

“I can foresee the pressure and attack against us that is going to come from the Muslim Brotherhood because we removed them from the syndicate, and from the ministry, because we will always clash with it given our siding with doctors’ rights. That is why the syndicate needs an army of doctors with it and behind it,” she wrote.

Mina said that since this army does not exist, or is divided rather than aligned to win its battles, then she cannot be in a leadership position “in a war where I am asked not only to be on the front lines but to win it by myself or with a small number of colleagues.”    


Amr al-Shora, board member of the Syndicate told Mada Masr that this is not the first resignation; “Hossam Kamal’s resignation was refused last month by the board.”

Shora added that during the time of the Brotherhood affiliated board, Ahmed Hussein submitted his resignation and again it was not accepted. “Resignations are usually refused,” he said, explaining that the board has to be notified of the reasons behind the resignation and then makes a decision accordingly.

Secondly, Shora pointed out that Mina’s resignation reduces the number of independent board members from 14 to 13 in a 25-member board, making it fragile in front of the Brotherhood current.

“The independent electoral coalition invested a lot of money into the election and the resignation will be refused for logistical reasons,” Shora explains, adding that Mina will probably be pushed to withdraw her resignation.

On Monday, doctors were expected to resume a nationwide partial strike called for by the syndicate.

The syndicate chose to escalate their strike actions this month following the deaths of four doctors, and the ailment of several other physicians employed at public hospitals over the past few weeks.

Given the Ministry of Health’s alleged disregard of their demands, the syndicate announced last month that it would escalate its actions from one strike day per week to two days of strike per week in February. Furthermore, the syndicate has called for three days of strike per week in March.

February’s strikes are scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays throughout this month. February 3 was the first day of strike action this month.


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